Breast cancer and its treatments affect your body

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You are unique. So are your needs.

"What should I eat? What should I avoid?"
Get the right diet plan for you.

This plan will be based on your diagnosis and treatment, and will consider any other conditions or dietary preferences as well.

Why are we doing this?

Our oncology experts have talked to hundreds of breast cancer patients over the years. These women raised the same concerns over and over again: “What can I do to feel better?”, “What should I eat?”, “What should I avoid?”

We understand. That’s why we built this service for you: to avoid information overload and receive reliable, scientific material that you can understand and put in practice.

And move on.

Regain your strength through better nutrition

Which foods can help you regain your strength?
How can you balance your diet to stay in control?

What you eat can help you beat fatigue, bring your energy levels back up, and move on.

We are here for the cancer caregiver, too

Caring for a person with cancer is a very important and meaningful role. However, it is also complex and challenging.

We want to make it a bit more simple and easy for you!

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