Food is the body’s fuel.
Are you eating what’s right for you?

Breast cancer changes our lives.
Food can help us manage side-effects, stay strong throughout treatment, and regain control afterwards.

You are unique. So are your needs.

"What should I eat? What should I avoid?"
Get the right diet plan for you.

This plan will be based on your diagnosis and treatment, and will consider any other conditions or dietary preferences as well.

Experts do the research - so you don't have to

You don't need a PhD for this:
Experts deliver nutrition guidance for the right food, just for you.

It is like having 200+ research papers analysed specifically for your situation, picking what is applicable to you and dropping the rest. No need to feel confused by food choices any more.

The largest charities agree

Both Macmillan and Cancer Research UK agree that following the right diet can provide many health benefits. It is often linked, for instance, with reduced risk of other cancers and chronic conditions, a healthy body weight, and higher energy levels.

Free guidance to manage side-effects

Breast cancer, and its treatments, can cause side-effects.
The right food can help you manage them - or even avoid them if possible.

Your stomach reacts differently to specific foods, especially during or after treatment. Nausea, changes in food taste, feeling full too soon, and more: find out what you can do.

We are here for the cancer caregiver, too

Caring for a person with cancer is a very important and meaningful role. However, it is also complex and challenging.

We want to make it a bit more simple and easy for you!

Are you a caregiver?

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Get evidence-based guidance on what to eat and avoid, tailored to your needs – always free

Our experts help you eat the right foods, manage side-effects and stay strong.
Get research-based guidance for breast cancer nutrition, personalised specifically for you.
Getting your tailored diet plan is simple, science-driven, and FREE.
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